flatMap(Oslo) 2015

27-28 APRIL 2015 , OSLO NORWAY

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User today expect responsive applications with close to zero downtime. To achieve this, concurrency, parallelism and fault tolerance is a necessity, however, building such systems is a complex task. Akka addresses the complexity of building scalable and fault tolerant systems.

Participants of this workshop will learn about Akka's primary abstraction, the actor model. Participants will also learn about how actors achieve fault tolerance through supervision and death watch, and scalability through routers. Each concept in Akka will be covered with slides containing theory and mostly code examples, and concrete exercises where the participant can choose to use Scala or Java (8).

It is recommended that participants bring their own laptop, or participate in pair-programming, for the exercises. Participants can choose to do exercises in Scala or Java.

This workshop assumes no prior knowledge about Akka.



Arild is a developer and consultant at Bekk Consulting. Through projects at work, and personal side projects, Arild has gained hands-on and deep knowledge of Akka and the actor model. His interests include distributed systems and concurrency. He also has an interest for Scala, and regularly attends Scalabin meetups.


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